Military Men - Ohio National guard



Covington Has Military Records - The following newspaper article was obtained from the JR Clark Library in Covington, Ohio. The article is undated but is presumed be have been printed in the Covington Tribute Gazette in about 1933.


Submitted by Ken Clark, San Antonio TX

Enlistment in the Ohio National Guard

With the close of 1877 the veterans began to drop out on account of expiration of service and the first discharges granted came to Sgt's Kindall and Ingle and Corp. Lewis Ingle and Alonzo L. Marlin January 1878. Throughout this year the majority of the first to enlist were discharged for expiration of term of service and many other for permanent removal beyond the limits of the command. During this year and 1879 the loss was met by many re-enlistments and new enlistments of an excellent class of recruits. Many changes took place and promotions were made. Before the summer encampment, Lt. Carson was lost to the service on account of removal to Licking Co., Ohio, in the election which followed Sgt. Major Gross was elected to fill the vacancy made by Lt. Carson's resignation. The following is the roll from 1870-1880. Civil War Veterans are marked with an......*

Captain Joseph Ullery *
1st Lt. James M. Williamson *
2nd Lt William S. Williamson *
1st Sgt Ed D. Simes *
2nd Sgt Richard Pearson *
3rd Sgt Miles M. Meadows *
4th Sgt Titus Shearer *
5th Sgt Chas. L. Wilde *
1st Corp. John P. Hilliard *
2nd Corp. James Smith *
3rd Corps Madison Kindall *
4th Corp. Andrew J. Hart *
5th Corp. Lewis Babylon *
6th Corp. Caleb W. Orr *
7th. William Ingle *
8th. George Sedwick *
Musician Henry Langston *
Musician George M. Porter *
Pvt. Richard Adams
Pvt. Arthur Adams
Pvt. Chas Alexander
Pvt. William Alexander
Pvt. Milton Babylon
Pvt. Samuel Barnhart
Pvt. George Barringer
Pvt. Joseph Boehringer
Pvt. Presley F. Black
Pvt. Samuel F. Brandt
Pvt. Willis Branson
Pvt. William A. Brown
Pvt. Robert A. Brown
Pvt. William P. Buchanan
Pvt. George D. Buchanan
Pvt. James L. Carson
Pvt. William D. Chapman
Pvt. Thomas F. Clark
Pvt. John W. Clark
Pvt. Henry C. Coate
Pvt. John Cole
Pvt. Jasper N. Devault
Pvt. Aaron Dorsey
Pvt. George W. Downey
Pvt. James Downey
Pvt. Jerry Dunham
Pvt. Richard H. Dunning *
Pvt. Thomas Dwyer
Pvt. Michael Dwyer
Pvt. Joshua C. Falknor
Pvt. Henry C. Franklin *
Pvt. Charles A. Giffin
Pvt. William O. Giffin
Pvt. William h. Gross
Pvt. William Gorrel
Pvt. Lee S. Harrison
Pvt. Edgar Harrison
Pvt. Abraham D. Hickman
Pvt. Steven Hildebrand
Pvt. Charles Hildebrand
Pvt. David Howalt
Pvt. Lewis Ingle *
Pvt. John Ingle
Pvt. Thomas J. Ingle
Pvt. John M. Jackson
Pvt. David Kauffman
Pvt. John G. Kensinger
Pvt. Johnson Kensinger
Pvt. Lycurgus L. Kensinger
Pvt. William Kiser *
Pvt. Christian G. Kraus
Pvt. John Kraus
Pvt. Frank Lehman
Pvt. Luther J. Leilch?
Pvt. Adam Long *
Pvt. Cyrus Long
Pvt. Samuel Longnecker
Pvt. Peter Longnecker *
Pvt. Alonzo L. Marlin
Pvt. Joseph H. Marlin
Pvt. Walter S. Marlin
Pvt. Joseph C. Marker
Pvt. Charles F. Martin
Pvt. Ezekiel H. Maxwell
Pvt. Chas. S. McGowen *
Pvt. Fredrick Miller
Pvt. William Miller
Pvt. John C. Minton
Pvt. Abraham W. Minton
Pvt. William H.H. Moore
Pvt. Chas. Moore
Pvt. Samuel Myers
Pvt. Richard N. Porter
Pvt. James Porter
Pvt. James B. Reish
Pvt. Frank M. Rankin *
Pvt. Samuel Rues *
Pvt. Gideon Rench
Pvt. George Rench
Pvt. Peter Rench *
Pvt. John D. Reynolds
Pvt. William H. Rike
Pvt. James D. Rike
Pvt. George W. Robinson
Pvt. William O. Routson
Pvt. Henry J. Schaepps
Pvt. John Shade
Pvt. Dewitte C. Shellaberger *
Pvt. Charles C. Shuman
Pvt. John C. Sipres *
Pvt. Valentine Smith *
Pvt. Edgar Shellenbarger
Pvt. Charles A. Smith
Pvt. Jerome Spitler
Pvt. Charles Teach
Pvt. Jeremiah Thompson *
Pvt. John A. Hillery
Pvt. Oscar Van Horn
Pvt. Jacob Wagner
Pvt. Henry O. Weaver
Pvt. Layfatte Westfall
Pvt. Charles Whipp

Many of the above were were promoted to high grades, and quite a few were Commisiioned and carried a high rank in the Regiment. Above is the roll up to 1880.

The personal history of some of the "boys" who held commisions or were promoted to high grades is given as follows:

Captain Joseph C. Ullery...Capt. Co. G, 110th OVI, August 1862 to July 1865. Enlisted Oct 31, 1872, elected Capt. July 8th 1873, Commissioned Colonel 3rd Reg, Ohio Naitonal Guard, July 4th 1875. Note: (My GG Grandfather..Pvt. Thomas C. Clark, served under Capt Ullery. Thomas was KIA at the Battle of the Wilderness, Va; May 5, 1864)

Peter Rench....Sgt. Co C, 87th Bn. 1863, Pvt 147th Reg., 1864 (100 days) enlisted Jan 3, 1874, Ohio National Guard. Promoted 2nd Lt., Aug 6, 1875; promoted 1st Lt., Aug 4, 1876; promoted Captain, Nov 4, 1880.

1st Lt. James E. Shellenberger, Drummer, Co. B 94th OVI; Aug 22, 1862 to June 5, 1865. Enlisted 31 oct 1872 in Ohio National Guard; elected 1st Lt. July 8, 1873. Aug 6, 1875 appointed 1st assistant surgeon 3rd reg. July 22, 1876, appointed surgeon with rank of Major; July 14, 1881. Promoted to Lt. Colonel April 18, 1883.

John A. Ullery..enlisted April 11, 1874, Ohio National Guard, Discharged March 20, 1878 to re-enlist in 3rd Reg. Band.

William A. Carson..Enlisted March 13, 1875, appointed 4th. Sgt June 29, 1878, promoted 1st Sgt, Aug 19, 1881.