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LYMAN ABBOTT, an eminent American preacher ans writer on religious subjects, came of a noted New England family. His father, Rev. Jacob Abbott, was a prolific and popular writer, and his uncle, Rev. John S. C. Abbott, was a noted preacher and author. Lyman Abbott was born December 18, 1835, in roxbury, Massachusetts. He graduated at the New York University, in 1853, studied law, and practiced for a time at the bar, after which he studied theology with his uncle, Rev. John S. C. Abbott, and in 1860 was settled in the ministry at Terre Haute, Indiana, remaining there until after the close of the war. He then became connected with the Freedmen's Commission, continuing this until 1868, when he accepted the pastorate of the New England congregational church, in New York City. A few years later he resigned, to devote his time principally to literary pursuits. For a number of years he edited for the American Tract Society, its "Illustrated Christian Weekly," also the New York "Christian Union." He produced many works, which had a wide circulation, among which may be mentioned the following: "Jesus of Nazareth, His Life and Teachings," "Old Testament Shadows of New Testament Truths," "Morning and Evening Exercises, Selected from Writings of Henry Ward Beecher," "Laicus, or the Experiences of a Layman in a Country Parish," "Popular Religious Dictionary," and "Commentaries on Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and Acts."  Source: A Genealogical and Biographical Record of Miami County, Ohio: Compendium of National Biography, 1900, Transcribed by MaryAlice Schwanke